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1 September 2016 | Sheep | 7583 views

Scottish Sheep Sector Review

1 September 2016 | Sheep | 7583 views

Scottish Sheep Sector Review

A 24 point action plan aimed at revitalising Scotland’s sheep sector has been unveiled by an industry expert group....

27 July 2016 | Sheep | 12426 views

The complementary role of sheep in upland and hill areas

Sheep farming in UK upland and hill areas provides a wide range of public goods and services, from food production and environmental stewardship to landscape management and cultural heritage. To promo...

12 January 2016 | Sheep | 11819 views

World Sheep Meat Market to 2025

A joint report published by AHDB Beef & Lamb and the International Meat  Secretariat. With gratitude to the help and support of Bob Bansback (International Meat Secretariat), Jean-Pierre G...

26 September 2014 | Sheep | 7510 views

Sheep and goats - scrapie disease surveillance

A joint descriptive report on the statutory disease surveillance of scrapie in sheep and goats in Great Britain....

25 September 2014 | Sheep | 6223 views

Welfare risks related to sheep farming

EFSA has launched an open consultation on the draft scientific opinion on the welfare risks related to the farming of sheep for wool, meat and milk production. This document proposes the description o...

5 January 2014 | Sheep | 6643 views

Defra’s response to EID tag reading study

Defra welcomes this study which provides reassuring evidence of the quality of EID tags on sale....

26 April 2013 | Sheep | 6461 views

SCOPS launches regional Nematodirus warning system

The rapid increase in temperatures in recent days is expected to result in a mass, synchronised hatch of Nematodirus larvae. To help sheep producers assess the risk to their lambs, SCOPS has today lau...

6 December 2010 | Sheep | 9589 views

Scottish sheep scab legislation

The Sheep Scab (Scotland) Order 2010 comes into force from 17 December 2010 and reinstates sheep scab as a notifiable disease in Scotland...