29 February 2016 | Produce | 10867 views

The Protein Challenge 2040 summary report

The first global coalition exploring how we feed nine billion people enough protein in a way which is affordable, healthy and good for the environment.

Protein is fundamental to human health, but the way we currently produce and eat it is placing a heavy strain on land and sea resources. In the face of changing food consumption patterns, a rising global population and increasingly scarce resources, the situation can only worsen if we don’t take action now.

In 2014, Forum for the Future worked with Volac, a dairy company, to test the appetite for a collaborative project aiming to transform the protein system to one that would be sustainable by 2040. Our interviews showed us a real appetite to work on these issues together with a number of exciting partners from across the entire protein system.

These partners became a global coalition which explored how to balance supply and demand of protein for a growing population in a way which would be affordable, healthy and good for the environment. Through in-depth research and work with food, nutrition, health and technology experts across the world, the group mapped the interrelationships within the entire protein system for the first time, in order to develop a common understanding of the industry.