20 November 2015 | Poultry | 6264 views

SEPRA Market Report 20th November 2015

The market, a smidgen quieter this week, which is allowing everyone to catch up a bit.
Northern Ireland has put 2p on Large and Medium for next week which is a good sign.
One of the reasons that demand is quieter we forgot to factor in the credit card turn round time midmonth and with most consumers being maxed out on the Christmas buying spree it has been store cupboard or cheap pizza’s.
Crying wolf might have a new meaning, we have some lunatics rushing about saying all the sheep should be taken off the hills and replaced with natural forestation plus the reintroduction of wolfs!!! Which they say would boost the tourist industry, personally we would have thought the reverse as who is going to go walking or mountain biking if there are wolfs in the woods!!!!!
Then there is the lynx thing now, more lunatics! they even think lynx would be good for Free Range/Organic hens, as the lynx would kill the fox’s, who are they trying to kid, if you are a lynx and the choice is fox or chicken you don’t need to guess what one they would go for!!!!
2 of the chosen areas for this crazy experiment are Aberdeenshire which will go down well with Robert Chapman and Co, (we don’t think!) and the most favoured area Argyll which has a lot more wild rugged country and we think that the bridge over the Atlantic on the road to Balvicar might end up as part of Ewan and Flo McCaskills Bio-Security.