18 December 2015 | Poultry | 8526 views

SEPRA Market Report 18th December 2015

The market is somewhere between confusing and messy, although Scottish and UK prices are showing a no change there seems to be a lot of Colony sloshing about and looking for a home, there is always a bit of this pre-Christmas but we have heard of Medium Colony 45p South of the border.
Free Range are still fairly tight and there seems to good demand particularly for Large.
On the Continent there is a lot of change after exporting 200 million eggs to the USA everything seems to have stopped in that direction and the big processers seem to have stopped buying as well.
With the ban on beak trimming coming in in Germany and Holland there is a big swing towards white layers as they are thought to be a lot more docile and less aggressive making management easier, this is giving problems in the marketing of eggs with fewer brown eggs which are customer preference and now getting a surplus of white eggs which are tending to be exported to the middle East and Africa at discounted prices, looks like musical chairs again, again, again,?

We take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year
As normal there will be no reports over the festive period.