6 August 2015 | Produce | 4767 views

Public dialogue on food system challenges and possible solutions

The report details food security and sustainability challenges facing the food system and analyses the deliberative public dialogue research carried out for the report. “The research was designed to understand the public’s priorities for Britain’s future food supply, the wider food system that underpins this and their expectations, any misgivings and level of engagement with the issues.”

The following comment comes from the Soil Association in response.
Peter Melchett, policy director at the Soil Association said; “This research shows that people will back food and farming policies that deliver a healthier climate, more wildlife and slimmer waistlines. They want the government to deliver radical improvements in agriculture and diets. Defra’s forthcoming 25 Year Food and Farming Plan must reflect this, by committing to far reaching cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, and curbing the use of agricultural chemicals in favour of more climate and wildlife friendly approaches. The plan will also need to help people to eat well and this means less and better meat, more fruit and veg and fewer processed foods.”