2 December 2015 | Property News | 7723 views

Connected Nations Report 2015

High quality, widespread communications, fixed and mobile, are an engine of our economy and the pulse of our society.

They are not nice-to-haves, but essential enablers of our working and social lives.

As businesses and consumers drive an ever-increasing demand for communications, the infrastructure that serves them must keep pace with their demands and needs.

One of Ofcom’s roles is to make sure that the UK has the communications infrastructure it requires. This means making services available where people live and work; call connections being clear and robust; and data being down- and up-loaded at speeds that deliver a good experience.

Ofcom is also responsible for providing clear, accurate, easy to use information. This equips businesses and consumers to make informed decisions about the services that can serve them best.

The Connected Nations Report (previously called the Infrastructure Report) charts the UK’s evolving communications infrastructure, and our progress towards becoming genuinely connected nations.