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Unlock the Countryside’s Potential

CLA President Henry Robinson on the 18 July told politicians to be “realistic about rural policy” as he launched the CLA manifesto Unlock the Countryside’s Potential.
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SEPRA Market Report - 18th July 2014

SEPRA Market Report - 18th July 2014
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Rabobank Poultry Quarterly Q2 2014 - Prices taking off

Global poultry prices are taking off in Q2, according to Rabobank’s Poultry Quarterly Q2: Prices Taking Off report.  This bullishness is driven by relative price support from high beef and pork prices alongside demand recovery and a more balanced supply and demand situation in most regions of the world. This is expected to lead to an improvement in profitability for the global poultry industry.
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Exotic diseases of pigs, new regulations

We received 8 responses to this consultation.
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SEPRA Market Report - 11th July 2014

SEPRA Market Report - 11th July 2014
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RPA releases June milk production figures

The United Kingdom wholesale milk deliveries totaled 1,239 million litres in June, the third month of the new milk year, figures released by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) show.At the same time last year this figure was 1,177.4 million litres.The cumulative total for the year is now 3,851.5 million litres. At the same point in 2013 this figure was 3,523.5 million litres.
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CLA's assessment of share farming

The CLA has always been a proactive organisation taking the long-term perspective and, given the ever-changing dynamics within farming, we believe it is vital for the future of the industry that new and younger entrants see business opportunity. For this reason, the CLA has used its extensive experience to review the opportunities that share farming can provide as we face today’s challenges.
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Rabobank Commitment of Traders (COT) Report - 7 July 2014

The USDA’s US Acreage and June Quarterly Stocks reports confirmed a bearish new crop outlook for grains and oilseeds. Non Commercial participants cut a further 77,854 lots WOW from their net long position of 366,268 lots in response, driving a widespread sell-off across agri commodities. The S&P Agri Index was dragged down by 3.9% WOW to the lowest level since January. The soy complex lost the most over the week, as US plantings reached record levels. CBOT Soybean Meal lost 6.5% WOW as Speculators cut 13,371 lots WOW from their net long position, which is now at 25,662 lots, its lowest level in 15 months. Non-Commercials also added 27,865 lots WOW to their net short position across CBOT Soybeans, which is now at -28,438 lots. CE #11 Sugar lost the most of the softs, down 4.8% WOW, following a weak July futures delivery. Speculators reduced their net long position by 12,079 lots WOW to 182,631 lots. CE Cocoa retraced the previous week’s losses, adding 2.5% WOW as Managed Money reduced their gross shorts by 787 lots WOW, the most in one month, taking the net long position to 69,224 lots.
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Milk production for June 2014

The UK wholesale milk deliveries totalled 1,239 million litres in June 2014, according to the latest figures. The format of UK wholesale milk production notices is intended to provide comprehensive and detailed information that does not rely on comparisons with a quota profile. Figures given are cumulative.
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SEPRA Market Report - 4th July 2014

SEPRA Market Report - 4th July 2014