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Genetically Modified Organisms, list of current consents

List of sites with active consents for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to be released for research and development purposes under part B of Directive 2001/18/EC (deliberate release of GMOs for any other purpose than for placing on the market).
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Mexico Agribusiness Outlook 2014

Mexico’s economic growth is gradually improving, but food consumption remains vulnerable to income and price effects, according to a report from Rabobank – Mexico Agribusiness Outlook 2014: A positive year but full of challenges. The Mexican economy is expected to recover gradually in 2014, after a slow 2013, with Rabobank forecasting 2.9% growth, mostly occurring during the second half of the year. However, sector-specific challenges will continue to affect agribusiness. Grain and oilseed production is expected to be driven by declining prices and margins. Animal and meat prices and margins are expected to increase, although disease is expected to threaten both hog and poultry production, while the sugar and beverages sectors are expected to face a difficult year.
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Rabobank Commitment of Traders (COT) Report - 14 April 2014

Managed Money reduced its net long position across agri commodities for the first time since January by 37,942 lots WOW, while the Producer/Merchant/Processor/End User category reduced their net short position for the second time in a fortnight by 20,147 lots, driving the S&P Agri Index up 0.7% WOW.
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SEPRA Market Report - 11th April 2014

SEPRA Market Report - 11th April 2014
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Percentage of badgers killed on land containing livestock

What percentage of badgers killed during the pilot cull were taken from land containing livestock.
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Farm energy use in England 2011 2012

This publication shows the final estimates of farm energy use from the 2011/12 Farm Business Survey in England.
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Soil nutrient balances UK provisional estimates for 2012

Soil nutrient balances provide a method for estimating the annual nutrient loadings of nitrogen and  phosphorus to agricultural soils. They give an indication of the potential risk associated with losses of  nutrients to the environment; losses which can impact on air and water quality and on climate change. The  nutrient balances are used as a high level indicator of farming’s pressure on the environment and of how  that pressure is changing over time. The balances do not estimate the actual losses of nutrients to the environment, but significant nutrient surpluses are directly linked with losses to the environment.
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Total factor productivity of the agricultural industry

This publication considers the relevance, accuracy, timeliness, punctuality, accessibility, comparability and coherence of the estimates of statistics on the total factor productivity of the agricultural industry published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It also gives a summary of the methodology used.
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2013 wheat and barley production, UK

This publication gives the first estimate of the quantity of wheat and barley produced in the UK from the 2013 harvest.
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Animal health and welfare and food safety report published

  The UK Government has published the first set of reports under the European Union Balance of Competences Review. These reports aim to deepen public understanding of the UK’s relationship with the EU. The reports draw on evidence submitted to provide a wide ranging and balanced analysis of the EU’s ability to act, the impact that EU action has on the UK national interest and future challenges. The Food Standards Agency and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs worked on the Animal Health and Welfare and Food Safety report. This covers food safety, including feed, food labelling and food compositional standards. A separate report on health, also published today, covers nutrition and related matters.