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Report: Transforming the Food & Agri Supply Chain

The operating environment for F&A companies is becoming increasingly complex as new external influences compound traditional pressures like rising agri commodity prices. In this report, Rabobank addresses the flaws in the current F&A supply chain structure that leave the sector ill equipped to respond to this new complexity. It calls for the industry to transform the way supply chains are organized, by adopting longer-term supply agreements and, cooperative relationships with upstream and downstream partners. The report identifies the dedicated supply chain model as the best next step for F&A companies. This structure has the potential to revolutionize the F&A industry by making it more productive, innovative, safe and sustainable; all of which will be vital if the sector is to deliver food security to a future global population of 9 billion.
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Sainsbury Pharmaceutical Survey Introduction Letter

Letter distributed to Sainsbury suppliers asking for details of any pharmaceuticals used on farm
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Commitment of Traders - 12th February 2013

The S&P Agri Index fell 0.3%, reversing three weeks of gains as managed money increased its net long position in agri commodities by 56,752 contracts to 472,503 contracts. Softs and oilseed prices were stronger than grain and livestock prices.
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NFU Poultry Highlights for 8th February 2013

The NFU Poultry Highlights newsletter for the 8th February 2013
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'Over-Cornsumption' Supports Higher Corn Price Outlook

We believe price weakness in old crop CBOT Corn offers a buying opportunity as soft export demand is more than offset by US feed consumption, which appears to be running at a pace well above the level needed to reach USDA’s forecast.   · Contractions in animal numbers have been smaller than expected, with declines in cattle numbers offset by moderate increases in other sectors. · Stocks of non-corn feedstocks in the US are at multi-decade lows, reducing the possibility to substitute away from corn in feed rations. · Declining demand for US corn for ethanol and export will not provide enough supply to prevent the need for further rationing of feed use · Hog and poultry producers are expected to maintain animal numbers as the profitability outlook improves into mid-2013, although nearby margins remain mixed.
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NFU Poultry Highlights 1st February 2013

  Poultry Highlights is written by the NFU Poultry Team on a weekly basis. Please remember to quote the NFU as the source of the information if this email is forwarded on.   NFU seeks turkey farmers reports on Christmas 2012 Organic consultation launched Review of retailer Christmas trading 2012/13 Code of conduct for odour published Red Tractor Assurance Scheme Information available online Highly pathogenic avian influenza found in Denmark Central Egg Agency celebrate 35th birthday The global compound feed market in numbers BPC Chief Executive Steps Down Events and Poultry Board dates Egg-cellent links
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Palm Reading - Record High Stocks

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board’s (MPOB) 10 January data release was bearish as higher than expected production pushed stocks to new highs for a fourth consecutive month. Malaysia’s palm oil production for the month of December was a record high of 1.78 million tonnes—up 19% YOY and slightly above average trade estimates. Fresh fruit bunch (FFB) yields fell more than 6% MOM to 1.85 tonnes per hectare but were the highest level ever reported for the month of December. Stocks rose 28% above year-ago levels to a record high 2.63 million tonnes—4% above average trade estimates.
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Chavereys Monthly Farming Update - January

This month's update includes: Defra publishing a discussion paper to consider the merger of the Environment Agency and Natural England. The Rural Development Programme for England has launched a £5 million dairy fund which will allow groups of dairy farmers to apply for £25,000 minimum grants and other issues.
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Commitment of Traders Report - 17/12/2012

The S&P Agri Index fell 2.1% as managed money reduced its net long position by 51,821 contracts to 522,793 contracts. Grains were the biggest contributor to the decline while net long positions in softs and livestock also fell.
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Commitment of Traders Report

  The S&P Agri Index rose 1.8% as managed money continued to build its net long position in the agri commodity complex. Net long positions grew 40,218 contracts to reach 525,555 contracts for the week. Increases were concentrated in the grains and livestock complexes while net long positions in the softs complex were tempered.