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Free Range Hens - A post peak dip in production?

For each flock of new pullets it is exciting to see the production increasing week by week as they approach a peak to production. Disappointment can follow however, when having reached peak production.
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Rabobank Agri Monthly Commodity Report

Weather is currently the focal point for agricultural commodity markets, supporting prices and increasing volatility.
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Rabobank Beef Quarterly - July 2011

Tight cattle supplies are carrying prices higher •Beef trade shaken by tsunami and earthquake in Japan •US to become net beef exporter as exports boom and imports tighten on weaker US dollar •Softening demand in the EU and US a concern
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Where to for markets this week?

The grain and oilseed markets are likely to show a modest recovery after the strong price reaction to the bearish USDA data released the previous week. Rabobank market report.
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EU Pork Industry on threshold of changes

As global demand for pork rises, EU hog prices are failing to keep pace with the US, Canada and Brazil. A new Rabobank Industry Note examines the questions.
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Preventing or controlling ill health from animal contact at visitor attractions

HSE has published revised information on preventing or controlling ill health from animal contact at visitor attractions such as open farms and petting zoos.
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A drop in the Ocean!

Medication of poultry (free Range) through water
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Commitment of Traders Report 14th March 2011

This week’s CFTC report showed managed money’s total net position in CBOT corn decreased by 26,512 contracts to 358,311 contracts amidst traders taking profit from liquidation.
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Modest revisions in WASDE— Trade awaits plantings report

The USDA made few changes to their forecasts in the March WASDE report, which was seen as neutral to bearish.
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Commitment of Traders Report

This week’s CFTC report showed managed money’s aggregated net long position in agri commodities increased 25,671 contracts to 863,770 contracts – the first positive move in three weeks after the February speculative sell-off.