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What Next for UK Poultry?

Despite operating in one of the highest value-add markets in the EU, the UK poultry industry is suffering as a result of high feed prices, limited volume growth and oversupply
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Water for Life

Water for Life describes a vision for future water management in which the water sector is resilient, in which water companies are more efficient and customer focused, and in which water is valued as the precious and finite resource it is.
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There’s been change at the top of the Holstein bull proof rankings published this week (6 December 2011) by DairyCo Breeding+, with the high production bull, ALH Dakota moving up to number one position.
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Wold Top Brewery brews up clean energy

Wold Top is an award winning micro-brewery located on the Yorkshire coast. The UK’s Feed-in-Tariff program enables Wold Top Brewery and farm to produce clean, renewable wind energy.
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Silverford Renewables

Barry wanted to distribute the Endurance 50kW wind turbine to fill out his existing product line between his 11kW and 225kW wind turbine.
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US Grains Council global update

U.S. exports are likely to face strong competition from Ukrainian corn and feed wheat exports, reported Cary Sifferath, USGC regional director.
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Fair or Fowl Play?

An independent report examining the impact of EU legislation on the future of UK egg production
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EFRA Report - Welfare of laying hens directive

The Welfare of Laying Hens Directive— Implications for the egg industry
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Free Range Eggs - Water medication and beyond

What protocols can be put into place to help prevent the recurrence of disease or the development of other problems as a consequence of antibiotic therapy.
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Free Range Hens - A post peak dip in production?

For each flock of new pullets it is exciting to see the production increasing week by week as they approach a peak to production. Disappointment can follow however, when having reached peak production.