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Softwood imports to Sweden reaches 10-year high

Importation of softwood logs to Sweden reached a 10-year high in 2013 with Norway and Latvia being the major suppliers of both pulplogs and sawlogs, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.
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March 2014 milk production figures

The United Kingdom wholesale milk deliveries totalled 1,246.6 million litres in March figures published by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) show. At the same time last year this figure was 1,111.6 million litres. The cumulative total for the year is now 13,669.9 million litres. At the same point in 2013 this figure was 12,974.1 million litres. The wholesale delivery figures have not been adjusted for butterfat content and all figures are provisional. RPA relies on individual purchasers to provide the data, which is supplied ‘subject to confirmation’ and may be amended. Two purchasers failed to submit a return.
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Groceries Code Adjudicator, Supporting facts with questions and answers

Quick reference guide to the work of the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA). It provides answers to questions to help explain our role. It also covers the Statutory Guidance consultation.
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Understanding the Recommended List disease ratings

Following the mild, wet winter, significant disease pressure is forecast this spring. Varietal resistance is a key part of disease control so HGCA has today issued an article, ‘Understanding RL disease ratings’, which explains how the ratings are worked out.     On the Recommended Lists disease ratings are on a scale from 1 (high disease) to 9 (low disease). The system is easy to use when choosing and managing crops but behind the numbers there is a great deal of research to make sure the ratings are right.     “When making the disease ratings it’s really important to bring out the differences between varieties so that growers have as much information as possible, for this a large dataset is essential,” explains Dr Jenna Watts of HGCA.
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General licence for the movement of cattle

Whenever you move cattle, you must follow the conditions of the general licence for the movement of cattle.
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General licence for movement of sheep and goats

Whenever you move sheep and goats, you must follow the conditions of the general licence for the movement of sheep and goats.
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General licence for the movement of pigs

Whenever you move pigs, you must follow the conditions of the general licence for the movement of pigs.
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A guide for pig keepers

This guide provides information for pig keepers on registering, identifying and moving your pigs. Whether you keep one pet pig or a commercial herd you must by law be registered as a pig keeper with the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA). In the event of a disease outbreak, knowing the precise location of all livestock is essential for effective measures to control and eradicate disease. You place both your own and other livestock in the area at risk if you do not register your holding or report notifiable diseases.
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Launch of Survey Results - NSA

Results from the Farming Against Wormer Resistance (FAWR) survey (created by Novartis Animal Health and supported by NSA and SCOPS) have given valuable insight into the reality of anthelmintic resistance for the UK sheep farming industry.
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Agriculture in the English regions 2012 – 2nd estimate

This release presents the second estimates on agriculture for NUTS1 regions in England for 2012 using the European Union Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics (NUTS) regions. The second estimate incorporates data that has become available since the first estimate was released and revisions may have been made to previous years.