NFU picks 11 young farmers and students to share story of farming

The 12-month programme has been running for nearly five years (Photo: NFU)
The 12-month programme has been running for nearly five years (Photo: NFU)

A new group of young farmers and students have been chosen by the NFU to represent the industry over the next 12 months, both within it and to the public.

Eleven young farmers have been named as the NFU’s new student and young farmer ambassadors for the 2023-2024 cohort.

They will use their position to attend events at parliament, learn more about the industry from peers and undertake training days.

The NFU said the ambassadors will play a vital role for the industry, particularly as a general election nears.

The 12-month programme has been running for nearly five years, providing young people the chance to learn more about the industry and develop skills.

The young farmers and students will fly the flag for the industry at important agricultural and political events, showcasing the significance of farming to the public.

NFU president Minette Batters said: “It’s arguably never been a more important time to be able to tell the positive story of British agriculture and showcase the massive show of support we are so fortunate to have from the public.

“We have a fantastic range of regions and agricultural roles represented by this cohort and it is remarkable to see how much they have all already achieved."

Who are the new ambassadors?

The NFU’s Student & Young Farmer Ambassadors for 2024 are:

• Naomi Williams-Robert, Wales – is a livestock farmer born and bred in the valleys. She established her farm in 2018 with her partner and specialises in marketing and improving breeds on her farm.

• Ben Chilman, Wales – is a full-time poultry farmer based on his family’s mixed farm on the England / Wales border.

• Jon Watt, East – grew up on his family’s livestock farm but dipped out to pursue a career as a racing driver. He has now returned back to the farm to grow the business through tenant and contracted land.

• Magnus Brown, Midlands – grew up on his family’s dairy farm and had a taste of the agricultural life. He’s studying at Birmingham University to become an agricultural lawyer.

• James Scott, Midlands – is a new entrant dairy farmer with a passion for showcasing British farming.

• Molly Mead, East– lives on her family’s mixed farm, where they farm livestock and arable land. She works as a farm vet technician and bTB tester and is keen to raise awareness of neurodiversity in the farming community.

• Jessica Stewart, North – is from a mixed family farm where she sells meat boxes from her Belted Galloways directly to the public, she’s also a solicitor at a rural practice and is Chair of her local YFC.

• Sian Grove, South – is a new entrant shepherdess where she farms on the Isle of Wight. She first got into farming through her YFC and is looking forward to learning more about the industry.

• Sophia Ashe, South – is a new entrant livestock farmer who studied agriculture at the Royal Agriculture University and spent time in south America working the land with cowboys. She looking forward to learning more about the policy behind farming.

• Edward Harrison, North – grew up on a dairy farm and now runs his own regenerative livestock farm with his wife where they specialise in rare and native breeds.

• Hanna Benson, Midlands – is the programme’s very first flower farmer. She runs her own cut flower business as part of a diversification from her family’s vegetable farm.