John Deere announces introduction of new 6M tractor series

The series now offers 17 models in total, spanning various frame-size segments (Photo: John Deere)
The series now offers 17 models in total, spanning various frame-size segments (Photo: John Deere)

John Deere has introduced the new 6M tractor series with a significantly expanded model line-up, including, including 10 models above 150 hp.

The series now offers 17 models in total, from the compact 6M 95 to the powerful 6M 250, spanning various frame-size segments.

Noteworthy additions include the high-horsepower 4-cylinder 6M 150 and the upgraded 6M 145 with six cylinders.

The 6M 230 and 6M 250 models with an extra-large wheelbase of 2900 mm further extend the line-up at the top end.

Equipped with a 4.5 or 6.8-liter engine, all models offer additional horsepower of up to 20 hp (rated power) with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) system in transport or PTO applications.

It includes a broad range of transmission choices, from the well-known mechanical PowrQuadTM Plus to the stepless AutoPowrTM technology.

Furthermore, all 6-cylinder 6M models can be equipped, as an option, with larger hydraulic pumps delivering 155 l/min or up to 195 l/min enabling maximum productivity when running larger implements.

The new 6M series features customizable control functions as well as a new corner post display that is larger and fully graphical, allowing farmers to adjust more tractor settings than before.

(Photo: John Deere)
(Photo: John Deere)

In the small frame segment, the new 6M 150 joins the line-up as a high-horsepower model that is powerful with a maximum 177 hp with IPM but also compact.

Within the midframe segment, the 6M 145 model has been upgraded to feature six cylinders instead of four, while the addition of the new 6M 165 and 6M 185 models further diversify this entire segment.

The large frame segment also welcomes two additional models, the 6M 220 and 6M 240. The extra-large frame segment now showcases the new 6M 230 and 6M 250 models.

“The new design and control features, which we offer across the complete model range, allow for intuitive and straightforward operation of the tractor”, said Philippe Steinmann, product marketing manager for the 6M tractors.

"This gives farmers a wide array of options to suit their specific needs and preferences.”