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S T Controls is a family run business with almost 30 years of experience in the farming, waste water, water authority and water feature industries.

By using the latest inverter technology, pump speed can be regulated and controlled in order to maintain a selected working pressure. Our systems can be installed on new systems or retro fitted into your existing irrigation system. Pumping from a borehole, river or lake, our systems can utilise any size, make or type of pump to make your system as efficient, reliable, cost effective and user friendly as possible.

Benefits include:
No over pressurisation of equipment
Extended pump and pipework life
Greatly reduced power consumption
Low maintenance
Greatly reduced running costs
Start/stop from anywhere
Mobile phone text alerts and notifications

One Shot Irrigation
S T Controls has developed the One Shot Irrigation system, this method of irrigation allows operators to start or stop the irrigation system via a simple text or phone call from a mobile phone. The irrigation lines fill slowly under no pressure reducing wear and tear on the system. Once the irrigation lines are full, it then brings the system up to the desired pressure. The system recognises when the irrigation cycle is complete and shuts down, awaiting the next text or call to start. If any fault occurs during a cycle (e.g a burst pipe) the system will stop and text the users allowing the fault to be resolved. This system is especially useful when there are known leaks in the system, as there is no unnecessary starting and stopping which reduces costs and wear and tear on the system as a whole.

Pressurised Control
Some users prefer to have the system pressurised. This system can also be started and stopped using mobile technology and will maintain a selected operating pressure. The difference being that when the irrigation cycle is complete the system then goes to sleep, when the pressure drops the system then wakes up and maintains the pressure again.

Tank or reservoir filling
Need to fill a tank or reservoir from your borehole or large pump? You can run your pipe network open ended by running at a low fixed speed and keeping your pump curves under control, saving power and pipework stress.

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