Riko UK Ltd

Riko UK has been trading for twenty-five years and during this time we have built up a wealth of knowledge in the supply of machinery for Small holdings, Agriculture, Grounds Care, Estate Maintenance, Forestry, Woodland Maintenance, Conservation and Firewood Processing & production.

Just over 10 years ago we introduced the UK to a range of Compact Tractors ideally suited to working on steep ground and difficult Terrain. Some people refer to these as 'All Terrain Tractors', Hillside Tractors or even 'Quad Tractors' and 'ATV Tractors' as they often have equal size wheels like a 'Quad Bike' or 'ATV'. Riko UK Created the Brand name of Alpine Tractors to enhance people's understanding of the concept of the tractor. In fact, our brand name Alpine Tractors has been so successful that it has become the Generic term used by the media and even our competitor's tractors!

Where to find us

Riko (UK) Ltd,
Inverallen Yard,
Main Road,
Bordon GU35 9LW

+44 1420 487300

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