Bryce Suma Post Drivers

After 35 years being involved in fencing I thought it would be interesting for you to see me retrace my steps as to how the Bryce Suma came to be in existence. In that time I spent many years at the start doing everything by hand and the long handled shovel and 18lb mell were my main tools. All my work was on hill country which most of the time involved hard ground conditions and it was seriously hard work on your own to say the least. I progressed to a handheld engine driven Auger and from there to a tractor mounted Auger with a Pengo head for hard and stoney conditions. This made a big difference to my daily output. I was always concerned about output because I started off with nothing with a £78 Ford van and a David Brown 990 Implematic which cost me £270 - every penny was a prisoner! I then purchased my first post driver which was a Canadian machine with a telescopic mast costing £1160 and I couldn’t sleep at night because I wondered how I was going to pay for it. Things went so well that 3 years later I purchased a second one for £1420 and so I had 2 outfits which meant I could keep 2 customers happy at the same time. Work kept rolling in and I was never stopped erecting my own style of permanent electric fencing which included all my own components developed by myself.

During this time I became a Scottish distributor for Kinghitter Post Drivers and that lasted until I had a prototype of my own machine produced in 1996. For many years prior to this I had made up various bits and pieces myself and then I took things a stage further with the development of my own trailed post driver with a powered axle. This incorporated a specially manufactured chassis and axle which had been used for lime spreaders doing work on steep ground. Onto this chassis I incorporated my own ideas and used the Kinghitter mast as part of the machine. This was a superb outfit on my 4 wheel drive Fiat 90-90 tractor with ground drive - it gave me a six wheel drive outfit that could carry all my tools and materials for a day’s work allowing me to go anywhere as long as your nerve would hold!

In 2008 I decided to start manufacturing in the Scottish Borders. Now I can work further on the development of the Bryce Suma post driver and be hands-on in our new fabricating shop. I have always been this way inclined and with hindsight I should have done this right from the start as now I can use my ideas and designs in a way that moulds this machine into exactly what it should be – no corners are cut and no compromises are made. We have a dedicated team who are enthusiastic and happy in their work, and are hell-bent on producing the finest quality high-output post drivers on the world market. Since we started on our own, I have made numerous changes to put this machine way ahead of the competition.

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