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Young Bbf (bluebell) Chickens

East Sussex
16 Jul 2012
Price On Application
Address Lewes,  East Sussex  
Telephone 07954 133738
SALE, 10-week-old chickens in 9 different hybrid varieties at £10 each until Monday 25 June - price depends on age and increases by £1 per week to reach £16 each at 16 weeks. All good egg-laying hybrids: Rhode Rock, Piggots White, Speckled Rock, Marans Cuivree, Medici, Light Sussex Star, Bluebell, Piggots Brown, Redco. Vaccinated against Marek's disease and Infectious Bronchitis. We have reared these from day-old chicks and they are healthy, well-grown birds. Some are already almost as big as those we have bought at POL! We also have quail and chickens at POL. Visit us at Kingsbrook Farm, Kingston, East Sussex to choose your birds.