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Goldline Warren Silkie etc Poultry

17 Aug 2012
Price On Application
Address Dorking,  Surrey  
Telephone 01293 876020
Chickens Ducks Chicks Hatching eggs, We have brown and cream splash, dark brown barred and sandy colours. Some lovely colours and markings £12 each or 5 for £50 - just starting to lay lovely brown eggs. Friendly inquisitive birds, happy to be picked up, great childrens pets. Vaccinated against Mareks disease and IB. Will be one of the highest egg layers. Also some 20 varieties of rare breed poultry, bantams, and frizzles including laced Barnvelders, Appenzeller, Polish, Sussex, Silkie, also Black Rocks and many more £25 each or 5 for £100. Day old chicks and hatching eggs. Located between Gatwick and Dorking in Surrey. Please get in touch for further details. 01293 876020 or 07840499988, , Dorking, 07840499988.