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World News: Finland
Finland | 5 June 2015
Dairy company Valio to shed nearly 200 jobs

The Finnish dairy company Valio said Thursday that adjustment talks had resulted in a decision to reduce its workforce by a total of 326. Direct job cuts will affect roughly 200 workers, while in oth...

Finland | 2 July 2014
Tempers boil over in milk war between dairy giant and competition watchdog

A dispute over pricing practices by Finland’s largest dairy company Valio looks set to continue in the public domain, even after a ruling by the Market Court. On Tuesday Valio took offence at an op-ed...

Finland | 18 February 2011
73% of Finnish eggs come from caged systems

The majority of the eggs (73%) produced in Finland come from caged systems. This is according to 2010 figures...

Finland | 1 December 2010
Finnish farmers use creativity, not grapes, for wine

Can a near-Arctic island in a wind-scoured archipelago known for beer and herring produce drinkable wine without grapes?