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World News: Cuba
Cuba | 25 September 2015
Cuba could be new outlet for North Carolina agriculture business

On Sunday, a delegation of North Carolina farmers, agribusiness executives, state agriculture officials and NC State University officials is headed to Cuba. They are hoping it is the first step in...

Cuba | 2 July 2015
Cuba beckons to US agriculture

By July 20, the U.S. flag will once again fly over the U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba, President Barack Obama announced Wednesday. As the two nations restore official diplomatic relations broken in 1961...

Cuba | 29 June 2015
Cuba: Begin a new economic era with agriculture

Several months ago, President Obama announced plans for the United States to reestablish diplomatic relations and expand trade and travel with Cuba. It is a landmark step for both countries. Final...

Cuba | 12 February 2015
Cuba agriculture needs better roads

When it rains, trucks get stuck in the mud on the poor roads in this rural municipality in eastern Cuba. The local population needs more and better roads to improve their lives and help give a much-ne...

Cuba | 31 July 2013
Cuba reports little progress five years into agricultural reform

Agriculture in Cuba remains in crisis and the country is still dependent on imports five years into Raul Castro's presidency and efforts to reform the sector, according to a government report released...

Cuba | 25 June 2013
Cubans show little interest in growing sugar cane

Growing sugar cane is arousing little interest among the Cubans who are taking advantage of the plan to turn over unused agricultural land to them for cultivation, official media reported Monday. O...

Cuba | 3 May 2013
Oxfam helps boost sustainable agriculture in Cuba

The international aid and charity organization Oxfam has in the past two decades helped Cuba develop sustainable agriculture by bringing irrigation technology and promoting clean energy. Over the l...

Cuba | 28 December 2012
Cuban cooperation in agriculture praised

The provincial director of the National Company of Agricultural Mechanisation (MECANAGRO) in central Bié , Felizardo Brito Capepula, Thursday in Kuito praised the technical assistance provided by Cuba...

Cuba | 26 November 2012
Virginia finds trading partner in Cuba

Queen Victoria is said to have had a bite of an Albemarle Pippin and — poof! — away went the British tariff on the juicy, Virginia-grown apple. Trade barriers haven’t tumbled quite so quickly for H...

Cuba | 2 November 2012
Cuba crops ravaged by storm too, UN warns

Hurricane Sandy, which killed 11 people and damaged more than 188,000 homes when it tore across eastern Cuba, also ravaged almost 100,000 hectares (245,000 acres) of crops, a UN report warned on Wedne...

Cuba | 24 October 2012
Cuba modifies agriculture laws

Cuba has announced that it is modifying rules for the handover of fallow land to independent farmers. The measure goes into effect December 21. It is the latest in a series of economic reforms unde...

Cuba | 20 August 2012
Cuba to expand Ostrich farming

The Cuban government plans to expand Ostrich farming across the country to boost local economy and exports. Ostrich is considered the latest livestock introduced into the island country, with farms...

Cuba | 26 June 2012
Belarus to provide agriculture machinery

During a one-day visit of Belarus President Alexandr Lukashenko in Havana, the industry ministry of the East European country signed an agreement with Cuba’s agriculture ministry to provide new agricu...

Cuba | 20 December 2011
Cuba sweetens pot for new private farmers

Cuba, trying to lure people back to the land and lift food production, has modified a land lease program so that private farmers can rent more land and keep it in their family...

Cuba | 23 November 2011
Can Castro reforms create a new Cuba

Plagued by US$72 billion in foreign debt, rising unemployment and low industrial productivity, the government of Cuban leader Raul Castro is undertaking a series of economic reforms aimed at downsizin...

Cuba | 28 September 2011
US blockade hits Cuban agriculture

The U.S.-imposed economic, trade and financial blockade on Cuba almost 50 years ago is an obstacle to the development of the Cuban agriculture.