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World News: Netherlands
Netherlands | 8 December 2015
Dutch dairy farm injecting biogas from animal waste into grid

A Microferm cattle waste digestion facility at a dairy farm in Den Bommel, Netherlands has injected 10,000 m3 of biomethane into the national gas grid since it cam eo online in October this year. B...

Netherlands | 30 October 2015
Dutch nature report: intensive farming is a continuing threat

The World Wide Fund for Nature has published its first major report on wildlife in the Netherlands, warning that action is needed to curb the impact of intensive arable farming if some species are to ...

Netherlands | 13 March 2015
Dutch dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina hit by Russian boycott

Geopolitical tensions, including the Russian boycott of Western agricultural produce, hit adjusted profit at Dutch dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina in 2014 and the company predicted a similarly unce...

Netherlands | 12 March 2015
Dutch dairy farmers gearing up for post-quota reality

Ireland is not alone in eyeing the end of the EU quota regime as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand milk production. Nestled between Germany and Belgium, the Netherlands, a small country of...

Netherlands | 19 November 2014
WHO braces for bird flu spread in European poultry

The World Health Organization cautioned Tuesday that a new kind of bird flu hitting European poultry farms would spread among birds, after Britain confirmed its outbreak was of the same strain as in t...

Netherlands | 14 November 2014
Green light for flooding Zeeland farmland to compensate for lost nature

An area of land in Zeeland the size of 450 football pitches can be cleared of farms and flooded, the Council of State said on Tuesday, ending years of dispute about the plans. The Netherlands agre...

Netherlands | 28 August 2014
Dutch farmers dump tonnes of produce as Russian sanctions hit prices

Tonnes of tomatoes, pears and apples were being dumped by Dutch farmers on Wednesday as they signed up for compensation after prices plunged in response to Russian sanctions on Western food imports, o...

Netherlands | 24 March 2014
Xi Jinping's dairy deal helps milk Netherlands visit

China and the Netherlands agreed yesterday to enhance economic co-operation in a wide-ranging deal that includes more exports of Dutch dairy products to the mainland. President Xi Jinping met Dutch...

Netherlands | 25 November 2013
Netherlands to support Kano to boost agriculture

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has offered to assist Kano state to revamp its agricultural sector, in view of the huge but largely untapped agricultural potential of the state. The Deputy Ambassado...

Netherlands | 29 October 2013
Dutch tomatoes leave Swedish farms in the red

Stiff competition from cheap imported tomatoes could bury a quarter of Swedish tomato farmers in bankruptcy in what observers are calling one of the worst years ever for the country's domestic tomato ...

Netherlands | 1 October 2013
Dutch farmers are very angry

A coalition of six major nature and environmental organizations wants to transfer 110 million euro, meant as income support for farmers, to a fund for the development of rural areas. Farmers organizat...

Netherlands | 5 August 2013
Bird flu detected on Dutch poultry farm

Bird flu, or avian influenza, was detected on a poultry farm with 9,000 hens in the Dutch town of Tzum, in the northern province of Friesland, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs reported on Saturd...

Netherlands | 11 April 2013
Horsemeat scare: 50,000 tons of 'beef' recall

Dutch authorities have recalled 50,000 tons of meat which has been sold as beef across Europe because it may contain horsemeat. Around 370 different companies in Europe and a further 130 in the Net...

Netherlands | 20 March 2013
Bird flu found on Dutch poultry farm

Avian Influenza, known as bird flu, was detected on an organic poultry farm with 24,000 hens in Zeewolde, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs reported on Tuesday. It's probably a mild H7 version...

Netherlands | 31 October 2012
Scared Dutch offered Highland cattle classes

The arrival of Highland cattle on dunes in north Holland so unsettled some walkers using the area that classes on the livestock are now being offered. The herd, known as a fold, was brought in by a...

Netherlands | 25 October 2012
Netherlands invests 5bn naira in Nigeria’s agriculture

The Netherlands is investing over 26 million Euros – over 5.3 billion naira – in Nigeria’s agric business for thousands of Nigerians, the Dutch ambassador to Nigeria, Bert Ronhaar has said. Mr Ronh...

Netherlands | 30 August 2012
Avian flu prompts PHL to ban Dutch poultry

The Philippines has temporarily stopped buying poultry meat, wild fowl, day-old chicks, and eggs from Utrecht in the Netherlands due to the outbreak of low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI), the Depar...

Netherlands | 9 August 2012
World over-using underground water for agriculture

The world is depleting underground water reserves faster than they can be replenished due to over-exploitation, according to scientists in Canada and the Netherlands. The researchers, from McGill U...

Netherlands | 21 March 2012
Dutch cull 42,700 turkeys after bird flu

Dutch authorities said 42,700 turkeys have been culled at a farm in the south of the country after a mild variant of the H7 bird flu strain was reported over the weekend.

Netherlands | 25 January 2012
Dutch gov't accused of subsidising mega-stables

The Dutch government is accused of having subsidised the construction of mega-stables in other countries for years.

Netherlands | 6 January 2012
Farmers asked to evacuate village after rain

Dozens of farmers were warned to evacuate land north of the Dutch capital Thursday as a dike protecting the area threatened to collapse.

Netherlands | 16 September 2011
Dutch say traces of bird flu found in swans

Dutch authorities said traces of a mild variant of bird flu have been found in 83 swans at a trade company in the northern Dutch town of Zuidwolde.

Netherlands | 8 September 2011
Dutch aim for sustainable livestock in 2020

A Dutch commission has presented a report focusing on achieving sustainable livestock production in 2020.

Netherlands | 2 September 2011
24,000 chickens killed in fire

Some 24,000 hens have been killed in a fire on an intensive poultry farm in the west of Brabant.

Netherlands | 26 March 2011
Dutch to cull hens in bird flu scare

Dutch authorities said on Friday they will cull about 127,500 egg-laying hens on a farm...