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SEPRA Market Report - 12th December 2014

The market is quieter which is expected, some people in England are reducing prices slightly on Colony eggs, Free Range are still fairly tight but sufficient for demand, but in Scotland demand has picked up with the weather and we have heard odd reports of empty shelves. Holland has also reduced prices but that is more linked to the problems that they are having. There are always two sides to every problem, so we have included the piece from Compassion in World Farming because of the lack of hard evidence (smoking gun) as to how the first AI and subsequent out breaks occurred, as they have all so far been in house systems with supposedly no access outside. In Holland AI has been found in wild bird droppings in fields adjacent to positive infections, exactly what the link is, is debatable but most probably a breakdown in Bio-Security. The incidence of various types of AI in wild birds is a lot more prevalent as most people understand with some species carrying but not affected with the milder forms. The Green lobby in Germany has pushed most of the major supermarkets into a non GM position which has been transferred to their suppliers; this will push up the price for non GM grain, particularly soya.
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SEPRA Market Report - 5th December 2014

The market is reasonably stable, slightly more eggs available and now covering demand, probably no further price increases before Christmas but doesn’t look at this stage like any big price drops.   Holland our friend over there is experiencing fairly sever problems, every time an AI infection is confirmed there is a complete shut down on egg and poultry movements for three days. This also means a lot more eggs are going for processing, but with the world restrictions resulting from AI 20% of their market has been denied. Holland is expecting price increases but with their marketing problems are hesitant at how much.   Ukraine, Avengard one of the main egg producing companies has announced that they are having to close down 2 production sites of 1.5 million hens because of the war situation. How will that affect our and the EU market, the Ukraine was looking to export eggs to the EU and as their production costs were so much lower and they had not to comply with EU regulations this looked like a problem in the making. Initially this was to be eggs for processing, most likely to Holland, take 3 million hens out of production in the Ukraine there is no surplus to export, but might require imports from Holland, hence the ????   Spain, there M.A.F.E. and the EU are funding a joint information campaign (piece included) costing 1.1 million Euros as only 2% of the population supposedly aware of EU egg coding, we suspect a bit of artistic licence and there is probably one extra digit missing, but if it gets EU funding for your country why not, should we indulge in a bit of artistry in our figures too. But we like their his and her logos. 
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November 2014 Wholesale Milk Production

The format of UK wholesale milk production notices for the 2014/15 quota year is intended to provide comprehensive and detailed information which does not rely on comparisons with a quota profile.
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US softwood lumber prices trends downward

Prices for softwood lumber imported to China increased this fall, while they fell in Japan as the housing market weakened. In the US, lumber prices were moving downward in the 3Q, while still being close to their highest levels in ten years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. In the Nordic countries and Russia, lumber exports have increased because of higher demand for wood in key markets in Europe and the MENA countri
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The Global Forest Industry 3Q 2014

Sawlog prices were lower in the 3Q in most of the 20 regions that are the basis for the Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI). The Index fell by 4.6% from the 2Q to $85.56/m3, with the biggest price reduction occurring in the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe. The decline came after three consecutive quarters of increases and the GSPI reaching a three-year high in the 2Q/14.
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SEPRA Market Report - 28th November 2014

Demand is a bit quieter, as is expected as all the pennies are being spent on Christmas goodies, there is possibly a bit of resistance on the wholesale markets to the higher prices. There is also slightly more eggs available the spike in chick placing’s June/July are now coming into lay. There will probably be another 2 weeks of quieter demand, as long as nobody panics prices should hold up, but we don’t expect to see the big price drops as happened last year. Avian Influenza, a lot of producers on the East coast are hoping that there are no further outbreaks as that should be the incubation period of any links over, but nobody should be complacent, tight Bio-Security. We have included the piece from Wageningen University as it covers in greater detail what we were saying last week and that anybody with wet land areas nearby should be extra vigilant. At the end of this report should be the details and speakers at Victoria Sandilands Perth conference on Injurious Feather pecking, this could be very important with potential legislation on nonbeak trimming.
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Wild birds - flu biosecurity measures

Wild birds are one possible source of the H5N8 avian flu outbreak in East Yorkshire. That is why we are advising poultry keepers to follow good practice to minimise contact with wild birds while the origin of the infection is being investigated.
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Avian influenza (bird flu) Wild birds - biosecurity measures

DEFRA's latest Avian Influenza Guidelines are now available to download.
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SEPRA Market Report - 21st November 2014

Prices in England are still spiralling up, there are virtually no spare eggs anywhere, we have had several comments of, if we had any spare eggs they would be £3.00 per dozen.   Colony eggs are pulled up price wise by the shortage of free range, but both now are getting customer resistance to the sudden price rises, we are also hearing of supermarkets receiving short orders.   We suspect everything is balanced on a knife edge with Avian Influenza being the problem.   We have had one confirmed case in Ducks in East Yorkshire, if DEFRA manage to isolate the problem and no other outbreaks occur prices will hold and possibly firm up, but if there any other outbreaks, the media would go mad and demand and prices would go down the plughole.   We hear of DEFRA inspectors casually wondering in as if there was no problem (this would not happen in Scotland) and there recommendations for Bio-Security are somewhat pathetic and out of date with our modern industry, when you compare them with the standards required by the authorities in Holland.   This Avian Influenza outbreak has been a bit of a surprise but it shouldn’t have been. It all comes back to Siberia and waterfowl, the hot bed of AI is the far east China and Vietnam, but waterfowl that over winter on the coast there go to the vast wet lands in Siberia, which cover the roof of the world from Asia to Europe for the summer, where they obviously meet up with the waterfowl that over winters in Holland and our East coast hence the out breaks in Germany, Holland and now our East coast.   Bird X and Pigeons Out supply an oil based gel that can be applied to roofs of buildings, branches of trees or posts that is repellent to wild birds, under the circumstances this is a product that might be of interest.
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Declaration of a Protection Zone and a Surveillance Zone following confirmation of Avian Influenza

The Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed that highly pathogenic avian influenza is present in England. and has taken into account the criteria set out in article 29(5) of the Avian Influenza and Influenza of Avian Origin in Mammals (England) (No 2) Order 20061 (“the Order”).