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The impact of losing plant protection products on UK food production

The availability of iconic British foods could be drastically reduced according to an independent report released today by farm business consultants Andersons.The report, commissioned by the NFU, AIC and CPA, looked at the economic impact of plant protection products (PPPs) on UK agriculture and the wider economy. It found that the production of apples, fresh carrots and frozen peas in the UK is under threat as a result of loss or restricted use of active ingredients in PPPs which safeguard healthy growth.
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SEPRA Market Report - 17th October 2014

Demand is quiet according to most sources, but at the same time there appears to be no surpluses. There has been some cheaper French eggs coming into the country mostly in Southern England but some have appeared in Scotland mostly in the very bottom of the wholesale market. There is being a lot of eggs exported from the EU to the Middle East and Africa.   It’s only a week till the clocks change (25th October) this usually triggers an increase in demand when consumers start changing their eating habits to winter, to something warm with eggs being part of it.   Cascading is rearing its head again from Brussels, many Northern European countries especially Scandinavia do not allow cascading but their egg production is predominantly Barn with no need to cascade. The UK has the highest level of Organic and Free Range production in the EU, if cascading is to be banned this might reduce the alternative systems production as with the higher costs of production no one could afford to have a surplus. This might affect Free Range sales in particular and could also be deemed as controlling the market.
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Rabobank Traders' Report - 20th October 2014

Non-Commercial participants continued to build their net long position across agri commodities over the week, adding 61,357 lots WOW, to 144,173 lots, mostly as a result of a reduction in the gross short position across grains and oilseeds. The S&P Agri Index continues to edge above the multi-year lows, up 1.8% WOW.
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SEPRA Market Report - 10th October 2014

The market is a bit all over the place, some saying it is quiet, some ticking over, some quite busy, it all depends where you are in the country and who your customers are. We heard of French Large at 66p last week, Large 63p Medium 56p for next week.   Our schools go on holiday for midterm now, England in 2 weeks’ time, with there being slightly more confidence in the economy will there be more families heading for the sunshine this year rather than the staycation of the last 2 years.   Rebranding, Is the RSPCA in a bit of trouble with their Freedom Foods? Their chief executive has stated that the brand image is the least recognised in the UK and are now rebranding as RSPCA Freedom Foods. But at the same time they are knocking the industry that supports them by stating that the hens in this country have only the space of an A4 sheet of paper to live in, this is illegal and past history. But they are also suggesting that human beings should try and stand on an A4 sheet for 20 minutes to see what a hen feels like, how ludicrous and smacks of desperation, do they not realise that we have the highest welfare standards in the world.   BOCM Pauls is also rebranding as ForFarmers   EU  The EU commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, (the one David Cameron was so against) and was thought as a result would be anti-British, has announced the appointment of a Brit as financial director of the EU. But it gets better he has appointed Phil Hogan as the new EU agricultural commissioner, he is an Irishman from Kilkenny and is breaking EU tradition and putting somebody in charge of 40% of the EU budget that looks like he will know something about agriculture!!!!   EU We have included the piece from Jake Davies (Poultry World) as one line in particular is ringing alarm bells, in its haste to try and incorporate the Ukraine into the EU in the plans for the greater EU eggs for processing and products; have to be allowed into the EU from this month, the line that says it all is.   The Ukraine is also under no obligation to keep hens in enriched cages to access the European market.   We were also looking at the approved suppliers of egg products to the EU and noted that China has twice as many as India, but Turkey which is in the process of joining the EU has the biggest list of approved suppliers, again will they have to implement EU regulations or not and they only have a bridge to cross.
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Opportunities for Turkey's dairy industry

Turkey’s developing dairy market offers exciting opportunities in its emerging export industry with access to markets that western players have previously found difficult to service. According to Rabobank’s new report – Is Dairy Delight to be Found in Turkey – a growing urban population with an increasing level of disposable income and interest in value added products is also presenting an attractive and vibrant domestic dairy market. However, like any emerging region, there are challenges to getting the most from these opportunities.
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Global pork market cooling down

With the peak of the 2014 porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus (PEDv) outbreaks behind us, the global pork industry was faced with another challenge in the shape of the Russian import ban affecting EU, US, and Canadian markets and resulting in a rapidly changing trade landscape. According to Rabobank’s Pork Quarterly report, beneficiaries of the ban include Brazil which has seen a 30% per kilogramme price surge. Meanwhile the EU has seen its prices drop by 9% with no sign of recovery. Even taking into account the positive impact of declining feed costs on margins, it will be a disappointing year for the EU pork industry.
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British Sheep Breeding in 2012

The breeding structure of the British sheep industry 2012, which analyses the results of a survey completed by nearly 10,000 wool producers registered with the British Wool Marketing Board, gives an insight into the popularity of different breeds and how the industry has evolved over time. It is the fifth such survey looking at the structure of the sheep industry, which has been conducted by various institutions since 1975.
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Wood fiber consumption by the Japanese pulp industry up six percent

Wood fiber consumption by the Japanese pulp industry was up six percent in first half of 2014 with hardwood chip supply from Vietnam and South Africa increasing the most, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.
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UK wholesale milk production figures - September 2014

The United Kingdom wholesale milk deliveries totalled 1,141.6 million litres in September, the sixth month of the new milk year, figures released by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) show.At the same time last year this figure was 1,062.7 million litres.The cumulative total for the year is now 7,397.7 million litres. At the same point in 2013 this figure was 6,845.5 million litres.The wholesale delivery figures have not been adjusted for butterfat content and all figures are provisional. The RPA relies on individual purchasers to provide the data, which is supplied ‘subject to confirmation’ and may be amended.
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Rural Payments Agency (RPA) Performance 2014 to 2015

Download the document to view a breakdown of how the Rural Payments Agency performed against our indicators and commitments between April and June 2014 as outlined in the current business plan.