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SEPRA Market Report - 12th September 2014

The market is a lot quieter this week, with less demand, it is amazing what a week of summerish weather makes, with that cold weather that we had demand was brisk with consumers reverting back to winter eating habits. It is a few days of sunshine and we are back to summer! There will be NO report next week, going off for a few days in a corner of Scotland with no Wi-Fi no cell phone coverage without driving 5 miles or climbing half way up a mountain, absolute bliss. Yes-No-No-Yes-in two weeks’ time we might have a slight indication of how the vote will affect our Scottish poultry industry, the least would be a change in taxation levels which might or might not benefit us, ----to UK and a lot of other information coming off eggs. But that might be on both sides of the border?   Greece found guilty at last of thumbing their nose at the EU welfare regulations, told that they have been naughty and a few of their sweeties taken away but no one is saying if they now comply with the legislation????? DEFRA have at last stated that there is an increase in egg production in this country, but there is no real surplus, are customers starting to realise that home produced eggs are best and safest. Perhaps the German salmonella problem will help to bring this home to customers and industrial food manufactures, there should be room for more home production as we are still far from self-sufficiency. Industrial food manufacturing is a steadily increasing market for liquid and powdered egg for the ever increasing demand for food products and readymade meals in this time conscious world that we live in. We have cooks and bakers given star/celebrity status on the haunted fishtank for their fabulous creations, which are still basic old fashioned cooking which has been forgotten about, but interest is growing which can be seen by the colossal and increasing number of hits on BEIS’s web pages showing how to cook with eggs, the saying that you can’t teach your granny too suck eggs---- why didn’t she teach her grandchildren to cook? Glenrath Farms---picking up on the changes and trends we note that Glenrath are hoping to open their new egg breaking and processing facilities shortly to cover the demand from manufacturing. The last piece, is best read with a glass in your hand, which is the way we are hoping to watch the sunsets next week, it is a report at the request from Scandinavian countries to increase the best before dates on eggs to cut down on food waste, because of the higher standards achieved by our industry which has reduced the risk of food born infections. But they have to consider the standards in all EU countries and after the German salmonella problems they might have to reconsider, we will have to await Brussels ponderings.
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Report - My Poultry Day by Day

This was written at the turn of the 20th century, it contains a wealth of poultry keeping information. Most of it still very relevant today and gives us an insight into the work of the poultry keeper.
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Gaia Wind Brochure

Gaia Wind 2014 company profile and brochure
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Planning Guidance for the development of large-scale ground mounted solar PV systems

Planning Guidance for the development of large-scale ground mounted solar PV systems   Rising energy costs and the support of the Feed in Tariff (FiT) and the Renewable Obligations Certificates have significantly increased the financial viability and attractiveness of installing solar PV panels. These installations may be roof / wall mounted or standalone / ground mounted.   This national guidance provides best practice planning guidance in respect of how large ground mounted arrays are developed setting out planning considerations and requirements       Biodiversity Guidance for Solar Developments   There are a large number of options for increasing biodiversity on solar farms. This national guidance was developed with, and endorsed by, a number of UK conservation organisations to help planners, ecologists, developers, clients and landowners better understand how to support biodiversity on solar farms.
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EU Mission Letter - Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development

Mr Juncker has asked Mr Hogan to focus on a number of different priorities. A copy of his mission letter is attached. Dear Phil,   You are becoming a Member of the new European Commission at a particularly challenging time for the European Union. With the start of the new Commission, we have an exceptional opportunity, but also an obligation, to make a fresh start, to address the difficult geo-political situation, to strengthen economic recovery and to build a Europe that delivers jobs and growth for its citizens.....  
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Milk production for August 2014

The Rural Payments Agency publishes figures on UK wholesale milk deliveries for each month.
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Changes to TB cattle movement controls

Information note explaining changes to TB cattle movement controls to remove the pre-movement testing exemption for Sole Occupancy Authorities.
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Government response to Elliott review

Setting out the action being taken by government to strengthen consumer confidence in food and to take action against food fraud.
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SEPRA Market Report - 5th September 2014

SEPRA Market Report - 5th September 2014 Price doesn’t come into it; it appears if you have eggs you can ask any price on the wholesale market especially in England the comment is that supplies are not just tight but almost impossible. The surprising thing is Central egg saying no change, but they too have very few eggs, there reasoning if that there are increasing quantities of eggs coming in to Southern England from Southern Europe. Although there has been a cut back in production on the Continent and prices have increased there too, with the Euro decreasing in value the exchange rate makes Continental eggs competitively priced.   Last week we included the piece on the low carbon footprint of our poultry industry, it has been pointed out to us that mussels which were listed as the lowest only requiring a piece of string to grow on, we did not point out that they were produced in Shetland. We think that our Scottish cockles have an even lower carbon footprint, they don’t require even a piece of string and can be harvested in our estuaries at low water requiring only a plank of wood, a rake and a strong back, but the main market for both mussels and cockles is the Mediterranean in seafood dishes, with the haulage required does that not make eggs and chicken the best!   The piece on Nestle and their decision to only use alternative system eggs shows how susceptible to lobbying big business conglomerates are even more so as governments with any perceived threat to their product sales, and once again it is agriculture that is being used to improve their image, but at no extra cost.    We have included the piece and letter from the British Poultry Council as it could so easily apply to our egg industry, where the press pick on a problem and blow it out of all proportion, Campylobacter is a problem which is being dealt with. As long as you wash your hands and don’t eat your chicken raw there isn’t a problem!   The piece on Russian turkey production shows how important European technology and equipment is to them but the most important factor is European financial assistance, are sanctions having more of an effect than we appreciate and think.
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Feed-in Tariff Scheme Tariff Table 1 October 2014 Non-PV Only

This document sets out the tariff rates for the Feed-in Tariff scheme from 1 October 2014 to 31 December 2014, for photovoltaic installations only.